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Landscape and Cityscape Photography


Photography By

John Stankovich

Photography by John Stankovich.  

John has been a photography enthusiast for many years and has taken several trips since his retirement to add to his photo collection.  He has taken several photography classes to sharpen his skills and loves sharing his work with family and friends.

Occasionally John will take "artistic" shots using post processing software to enhance the original picture.  The result can become an image with vivid colors that is beautiful, but looks nothing like what the eye actually saw.  As a general rule he prefers minimal digital manipulation of his images to bring out the true colors and shades of light in a way they more accurately portray what the eye sees.

John is a native to California and spent his career in the field of education where photography began as an occasional hobby. Over the years it has become a serious pastime.  His favorite photographs are of landscapes and early architecture.

John has several trips planned in the near future, and will post some of those pictures in the months to come.   Questions or comments may be sent to or submitted using the Contact Form.

Once again, the images on this site are freely shared for personal use.  They are published in a low resolution for faster page loading.  Higher resolution photos can be freely provided by email to those who make a request.

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